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Fertilizer Development & Soil Testing

Nature Based Technologies LLC is dedicated to producing high quality products & custom blends by starting with the finest ingredients.

N.B.T. will create your own custom blend product, whatever your fertilizer or amendment needs may be.

At N.B.T. (Nature Based Technologies) we use only the highest quality sources for our natural and organic ingredients. We source hundreds of different raw ingredients ranging from organic meals, amino acid based chelates, Organic acids, enzymes, beneficial bacteria, beneficial fungi, mined minerals, plant extracts, virtually any plant food ingredient you can think of. We also use different grades of dry materials such as: pellatized, granulated, meals, micronized, spray dried, and soluble. We are equipped to produce any NPK or micronutrient ratio you desire in either a liquid or dry formulation.

Contact us today for a quote on your own custom blend product whatever your fertilizer or amendment needs may be, N.B.T. can help. Using our sources of first-rate material we can develop custom blends using hundreds of different ingredients to ideally suit your needs. We can offer these products in large or relatively small quantities.

Our goal at N.B.T. is not only to create our own high quality blends, but also to support the development and increased use of organic and natural amendments as a whole. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have on our current lineup or our custom blends.

NATURE BASED TECHNOLOGIES Fertilizer Development & Soil Testing

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NBT also currently carries and distributes multiple high quality brands: Converted Organics, Worm Power, Azomite, True Organics, Biological Nutrients Technologies, Ferti-Organics, BAM-FX… and the list keeps expending.

Our services include: • Soil Testing • Water Analysis • Soil Solution Testing


With the results of your tests, we provide you with a detailed report and customized recommendations. When we make recommendations, we take multiple factors into account, such as your location and types of crops.